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Get Paid To Information and Tips

If you are new to working get paid to sites here is some information for you that has been shared with me.

Download CCleaner which is a cookie cleaner. Always clear cookies between each offer you complete. Use Internet Explorer only, FireFox is acceptable but Internet Explorer works best. Be sure to have your browser settings to accept all cookies.

Download RoboForm to help you fill out forms easily.
Use a different email address for each offer you complete. You can get a FREE email address with Yahoo! or Gmail. Always use valid information when completing offers whether they are 100% FREE or those that require a credit card.

If you do not want to use your home phone number you can use this FREE service from Google called Google Voice. I only give out my home phone number to those who really need it or I just give out my cell phone number.

Only complete offers that you have a great interest in and you cannot complete the same offer twice. Say for example you see the BlockBuster offer on site A and the incentive is $25.00, then later you see the same offer on site B and the incentive is $30.00, DO NOT complete it again as you already did this offer on site A. That is considered fraud and get paid to sites are cracking down on fraud. Most of the get paid to sites require that you are a USA resident as the majority of all offers are targeted towards USA residents ONLY. So if you do not reside in the USA please read the TOS (terms of service) for the get paid to site you have interest in joining and making money from to make sure they allow members from your country to join.

Some if not all get paid to sites will want to verify you are who you say you are, by either sending you a text message to your cell phone or home phone which is a PIN number you must enter on the screen when validating your account and some get paid to sites will want to send you your first cashout via check or money order because once cashed this validates that you cashed the check or money order. Some will ask for some identification with your name, date of birth and address. I usually scan a copy of an old utility bill since we are military giving a photo copy of my military ID is something that is not recommended due to the fact it contains my social security number as well as my husband’s and I do not want that information to get into the wrong hands. I suggest talking to the site admin of the get paid to site you are a member of and asking that you send a photo copy of a bill that has your name on it. Right now you are probably saying this is too much trouble to make some extra money. Like I said, not all sites do this. If you want a list of get paid to sites who do not require some type of identification, please email me and I will be glad to refer you to those. I have been working get paid to sites for the last three to four months, have used my utility bill to validate my information, my cell phone and as well as calling their voicemail and leaving a message in which they want your name and user name you use to log in on the get paid to site you are a member of, so this step does not bother me whatsoever, I am sure it does others.

If you are not aware, when making any form of money from home, some states and counties require you hold a business license which is not expensive at all. I paid $25.00 a year for a business license since I worked for ChaCha, and it is good for any kind of business I want to get into.

Taxes, some do not know this and you can find the information on the IRS website. If you earn over $600 a year you have to complete a W-9 form with the business who has paid you that year and you will get a 1099-MISC form in the mail to file with your return. Last year I did not see any difference in our return when I did my 1099 form with our return. You are responsible for filing your taxes, so if you made over $600 from one or more businesses they are require to have you fill out a W-9 form and they are required to send you a 1099 form for you to file with your taxes.

Open a PayPal account if you have not done so already, this is how you will get your earnings if not via check in the mail. Paypal is fast and the most easy way to send and receieve money, we have been using PayPal for over five years. After six months of being a member, you can get your cool PayPal debit card to use anywhere and every the Mastercard logo is accepted.

Keep records of who paid you, how much and when. I suggest starting your FREE webpage like mine or even a blog, with your referral links and proof of payment. This way you can get others to join in your downline who maybe interested in making some extra money. Like you and myself, people want to see proof. I have a blog setup that has all payment proof. Download Gadwin PrintScreen, which is FREE. When people see that you are making money, they will inquire.

Advertise your referral links. There are ways to get your referral links out there. Advertisement is key into getting people to see what you are doing. Business cards is one way of getting traffic to your webpage or blog. Put your link in your signature line when sending emails. Be creative and research all you can.

If you have any questions you are welcome to email me or call me 910-960-7338. As new information is provided to me, I will share it with you.